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Top 5 valued business skills this year

There are five essential skills that employers are looking for following the coronavirus pandemic.

These most valued business skills for 2022 have been identified by the programme directors of GBSB Global Business School's Master in Digital Business, a one-year degree preparing students for a career in any business sector going ahead with digitalisation, using insights from leading research and articles.

With a ‘new normal’ following the global coronavirus pandemic, businesses are reconfiguring their plans, and thus what skillset they are looking for.

The first most valued skill is digital literacy, whereby an individual has the capacity to find, assess and communicate information via a variety of digital platforms. The second is lone working and the ability to work effectively without direct supervision. The third is adaptability and being able to adjust to ever-changing environments. The fourth is positive thinking and empathy. The fifth is self-regulation and the ability to control emotional responses and behaviours. 

“Staffing positions with an urgent demand for novel skills has become even more competitive, as technology continues to rapidly advance in line with the new reality, where the need for digital business acumen and independent learning becomes more viable daily. Keeping digitalization, innovation and disruption at the core of all our academic offerings, GBSB Global aims to give rise to diversely-skilled, future-proof, influential business leaders, equipped with the latest tech tools, knowledge, and hands-on experience within the context of global business today. Connecting with faculty, peers and industry experts from all over the world, students get to expand their international perspectives, network and professional opportunities, ready to accelerate their careers beyond borders,” says Olga Ivanova, Head of Innovation and Development at GBSB Global.

As a Microsoft Showcase School, GBSB Global is committed to transforming business education, graduating industry leaders ready to work in the digital space, equipped with the knowledge to operate novel systems and lead teams.

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ESCP extends delivery of its MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics to branch campus in Dubai

Paris, 14 April 2022 – Called upon by the Government of Dubai to train its talents for the challenges of the future (smart cities, digital transformation, sustainable development), ESCP is deploying its MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics at a branch campus in Dubai.

On 28 March 2022, at the new Museum of the Future and in the presence of UAE officials and Mr. Xavier Chatel, Ambassador of France, ESCP officially launched the Master of Science in Big Data and Business Analytics in Dubai. The programme will train 250 executives and managers from the United Arab Emirates and is fully funded by excellence scholarships from the Al Rostamani family business. It will be managed by the present ESCP Scientific Directors of the MSc, and supported by its worldwide reputation for excellence (#6 in the world - QS World University Rankings 2022).

As part of the smart cities and digital development projects of the Emirate of Dubai, the government of the United Arab Emirates has asked ESCP Business School to train Emirati executives and senior civil servants in data sciences and business analytics.

A first ESCP branch campus outside Europe
On this occasion, ESCP announced the launch of a branch campus in Dubai, hosted by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and part of the DIFC Academy. This branch campus is the first international location of the European school with six campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw).

For this purpose, ESCP has signed a cooperation agreement with the DIFC Academy and the University Leadership Council, under the patronage of the Minister of Cabinet Affairs of the UAE.

The strategic location of ESCP’s branch campus in Dubai - a major business centre and a financial and economic hub at the forefront of new technologies - will contribute to the school's global influence in a fast-growing region at the crossroads of Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Essa Kazim, Governor of DIFC, commented: “We are pleased and privileged to welcome ESCP Business School, one of the most reputed business schools, to Dubai. DIFC continues to deliver on its promise to provide best-in-class education, attract local talent and develop a competitive knowledge-based economy. We are thankful to the Al Rostamani Group for their esteemed association with ESCP, in a further testimonial of the vibrancy of our private sector and the key role that family businesses continue to contribute to our ecosystem”.

Commenting on the association of the Al Rostamani Group with the oldest business school in the world and the auspicious advent of its programmes in Dubai, ARG Chairman Marwan Al Rostamani stated: “This association aligns with the farsighted vision of the UAE leadership and the strategic orientations it had set forth to ensure the knowledge economy of the future and the sustainable future of our youth. I am proud that the inaugural cohort carrying the late Abdulla Hassan Al Rostamani’s name is comprised of such wide array of talent, competences, and determined ambition”.

The President of ESCP, Philippe Houzé, stated: “The vibrant eco-system of the UAE and the distinguished spirit of innovation, talent honing, creativity, and diversity that Dubai and the Emirates are known for, are the ideal fit for ESCP’s international development. With the official launching of the Inaugural Cohort designated as the “Abdulla Hassan Al Rostamani Inaugural Cohort”, in recognition of the late founder of the Al Rostamani Group, we are particularly pleased to announce the opening of our first branch outside Europe, in association with the Al Rostamani Group, and the upcoming arrival in Dubai of our globally renowned business school programmes, to be offered by DIFC Academy."

Professor Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP declared: "We are proud to offer this programme of excellence to Emirati leaders and future leaders. This carefully selected inaugural cohort is made up of the best and brightest young minds from the 7 Emirates in the UAE, with an impressive gender balanced distribution of young men and young women. We have many projects and I have no doubt that youth from across our European campuses will yearn to join this new campus branch in Dubai as a destination of choice.”

French Ambassador to the UAE Xavier Chatel, said “At the occasion of my visit to the new Museum of the Future in Dubai, a symbol of architectural success and promotion of the Emirati legacy, it gave us great pride to announce the opening of a Master of Science for future technologies by the world’s first business school created France in 1819.”

About ESCP Business School

ESCP Business School was founded in 1819. The School has chosen to teach responsible leadership, open to the world and based on European multiculturalism. Six campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw and a branch campus in Dubaï are the stepping-stones that allow students to experience this European approach to management.

Several generations of entrepreneurs and managers were thus trained in the firm belief that the business world may feed society in a positive way. This conviction and ESCP’s values - excellence, singularity, creativity and plurality - daily guide our mission and build its pedagogical vision. Every year, ESCP welcomes 8000 students and 5000 managers from 122 different nationalities. Its strength lies in its many business training programmes, both general and specialised (Bachelor, Master, MBA, Executive MBA, PhD and Executive Education), all of which include a multi-campus experience.

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Vacancies in Wales continue to rise, with 2022 set to be another record-breaking year

Vacancies across Wales have continued to rise, with 2022 levels set to be 196% higher than the 2018-2020 three-year average. That’s according to new research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), the trade association for the professional recruitment sector.

According to the data, provided by business intelligence specialist Vacancysoft, recruitment levels across the country reached a significant milestone in January of this year, with new jobs up 88.2% when compared to the same month a year earlier.

Across the sectors, real estate has seen the greatest uptick in recruitment, with jobs in the sector surging 184% year-on-year in 2021. This is indicative of the unprecedented levels of interest in the Welsh housing market which has put increasing pressure on resources across real estate.

The statistics also showed that IT experts were in highest demand across Wales, with recruitment for these specialists remaining steady throughout the pandemic, accounting for 16.3% of all new vacancies across the country last year. Meanwhile, jobs in engineering reported the greatest spike in numbers last year, with recruitment up 275.9% year-on-year.

Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo comments:

“Despite Omicron threatening the UK’s economic recovery, Wales began 2022 with record-breaking recruitment levels, however, while the professional sectors are currently holding up well, skills shortages are evident across almost every specialism. The data suggests that recruitment demand will only continue to grow across Wales for the rest of this year and with experts such as IT professionals in high demand, but short supply, businesses will find sourcing the best talent becomes increasingly difficult.”

Neo Russian architecture

Breaking News: Insurance Broker Marsh announce they are exiting Russia | Insurance Shed

Marsh have announced that they are going to be exiting the Russian insurance market, find out more about what this could mean for you here.


Ukraine crisis deepens, so does the effect on the British economy!

As the Ukrainian crisis deepens, so does the effect it is having on the British economy. And with a massive 57% of Brits already experiencing financial difficulties, things are only going to get worse.

Independence Day of Ukraine

Ukraine citizens use Tiktok to show the world atrocities of war

Ukraine is depending on its citizens to win this war.
Ukraine civilians are using Chinese owned TikTok to document the devastation left by Russian troops and people. In one video, a civilian can be seen challenging a tank while walking through a destroyed neighbourhood. In another one, a man films fierce fighting and building destruction.

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Limited ceasefire and destruction of nuclear plant overnight causing death toll to rise and economic costs

Chris Sly Insurance Shed

Russian forces invaded Ukraine which has led to the deaths of 9.1k people, displaced 1M and destroyed at least 100 buildings.

Boris Johnson pledges to speed up sanctions against Russian interests.

Concerns over radiation monitoring after destruction of nuclear plant

Humanitarian corridor in place today to allow the safe passage of civilians fleeing the conflict.

Empathetic high performers most likely to benefit from career mentorship

Career mentorship is most successful for young, high-performers who are empathetic and able to understand the perspective of others, according to new research from Durham University Business School.

The research shows that high-performers who are able to properly understand supervisory mentors’ thinking, avoid misunderstandings and understand the perspectives of others are mostly like to recieve career mentoring.


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